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Product Integrity Laboratory LLC (PIL) provides technical services including Product Development, Quality Control/Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance for companies in the fragrance and cosmetic industry that use contract manufacturers. For more than three decades, PIL has strived to provide the functions of an in-house Quality Control, Product Development, and Regulatory Compliance department. Technical consulting services provided by PIL include Formulation Development, Product Development Testing, Quality Assurance and Quality Control, and Regulatory Compliance.
Using professional experience in product development laboratories of major personal care companies and in contract manufacturing, we have a unique vantage point for providing these technical services.

Services are provided so that charges are kept to a minimum while maintaining a responsible level of technical reliability and security. This cultivates long-term relationships with clients. We are here to help you run your business well in technical areas where most people do not have expertise.

We are here to provide clients with reliable technical information to support sound business decisions.

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