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Product Development, Quality Assurance & Regulatory Compliance

Product Development, Quality Assurance & Regulatory Compliance

For an upscale New York skincare salon and retailer, PIL revised dozens of formulas for the transition from in-house production to a contract manufacturing environment, including reformulation, raw material replacement, manufacturing process development, specification development, and scale-up.

We enabled them to make the transition from high-overhead in-house manufacturing to reliable production at a contract manufacturer. Revising the more than 100 formulas for contract manufacturing required formulating expertise and the ability to work effectively with the contract manufacturer. Without this help, production would have been beyond what a contract manufacturer would manage, and manufacturing the company’s products would have stopped.

PIL developed and implemented a Quality Assurance Program with their contract manufacturers. Procedures were developed to assure consistent quality. Additionally, bulk product and finished goods testing was done on all production to implement the Quality Assurance Program.

PIL managed regulatory compliance for this client, including creation of ingredient lists and review of labeling.

Overall Result: Over a 100 product formulas were successfully moved into a reliable contract manufacturing environment.

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